Introduction to Quantum NLP

The world is changing so fast right now, and the rules that governed our societies a couple of generations ago, are not adequate anymore to fit our current circumstances and the issues we are facing globally. For example the conservation and appropriate use of natural resources, and the building of relationships that go beyond personal interests and short-term thinking.

The processes of Quantum NLP are designed to be deeply transformative. We are not just scratching the surface here, teaching behavioral skills and techniques. By including the basic principles of Quantum Physics, we are now able to touch peoples lives on the spiritual level and awaken them to a profound sense of purpose, which leads to greater social responsibility, as individuals raise their own consciousness and energetic vibration.

As they become more effective in their own lives (by creating balance between their personal, family and professional development) they naturally can make a greater contribution to their larger community, that they are a part of.

A cultural paradigm shift always happens, by first a few people starting to think in a new way, and then that paradigm gets adopted by others around them, which then spreads to the rest of the community, just like recycling, which is now unthinkable not to do, and 20 years ago was a foreign word to most.

As I am talking about ideas that are still pretty unusual to most people, my intent is to make it as easy as possible for you to understand the deeper layers of Quantum NLP.

We as humans are now starting to perceive, that we live in a holographic universe, which means that our personal journey of transformation effects the larger system. We are all part of larger systems, like our families, our work environment, our community. And as we change ourselves, we automatically influence those people around us, who get to benefit from our transformation.

For those of you who already accept that way of thinking, the question becomes, how far do you want to go and immerse yourself into the quantum universe.

For those of you, who hear this for the first time, I say: “Welcome to the world of Quantum NLP”.

The quantum universe goes beyond the Newtonian laws, and teaches us that we consistently interact with, and influence the energy field that we are part of. We are collectively breaking through the illusion that the world out there exists independently from us. The quantum principles (commonly known as the Law of Attraction) are always at work, whether you know it or not. The more you are educated about these laws, the more proactively you can interact with the world around you.

Reality happens on many levels at once, from the surface structure of physical matter all the way down to the molecular, atomic, particle, to the energy level. On the quantum level we are talking about pure potential, which means in the context of NLP, that we observe reality on the level of Vision and Possibility.

When we first immerse ourselves in a new way of thinking we are the student, we practice, make mistakes, collect feedback and slowly gain competency. With adequate practice we become masterful at the skill we choose to immerse ourselves in, which leads to greater competency and our ability to teach those skills to others as well.

Through their teaching ability the master is naturally making a greater contribution to society by being able to expand the horizon of their students.

Now, a visionary is a person who is very masterful at the skill level, can teach it to others, and in addition also holds a vision so profound, that is has a deep effect on the community they are part of. Simply by them being in that state of possibility.

Being committed to the “Path of the Visionary”, at Quantum NLP our greatest dedication is to walk our talk in all areas of life. I can not sit in a session and be deeply compassionate towards my client and then go home and yell at my kids.

The point is that these principles and this way of thinking is permeating all areas of my life and that my goal is to ALWAYS BE ON.

Quantum NLP becomes a way of life, that is deeply congruent on all levels. The person shows up with the same integrity and vision at home, work, with their friends and the other communities they belong to.

It is my purpose in life to share these principles with the world as I know the tremendous value they have brought to my own life, my family, readers, clients and students. I know in my deepest core that Quantum NLP is offering valuable solutions in helping humanity raise consciousness to effectively deal with the global transformation that is currently happening.

This work is about you creating the life you are dreaming of, which leads to making a greater contribution to the people around you – and ultimately the whole planet.

Christiane Turner
August 2018

"When I’m in session with a client in my office, I can’t begin to tell you how often I revert to the learning and strategies I learned from you, and those often become the hammers that shatter the limitations of my clients."



NLP is an approach to communication and personal development. It is based on the connection between the neurological processes (“neuro”), language (“linguistic”) and behavioral patterns learned through experience (“programming”). These can be changed to achieve specific goals in life. Many of the skills and techniques of NLP were derived from observing the patterns of excellence in experts from diverse fields of professional communication, business, and education.

It helps understand and influence the interaction between our neurology, our language, and our programming, that produces both effective and ineffective behaviors.

NLP influences brain behavior through the use of communication to enable a person to recode the way the brain responds to outside stimuli. It helps to manifest new and better behaviors. Ultimately the outcome of NLP is to help produce more effectiveness.

After over 2000 years of believing in a mechanistic universe, in the early 20th century Albert Einstein taught that matter actually is energy. It can be transformed back and forth, which completely altered our view of how the universe works. Scientists realized that there was a whole other world within the atom.

“Quantum” is simply the term for everything that happens on the level of atoms and the smaller units that make up the atom. Energy lays at the foundation of everything as we currently understand. It is our level of interaction with that energy that determines how we create our reality.

In the Law of Attraction when we talk about the Quantum level, we use words like:
Energy – Vibration – Frequency – Consciousness – Possibility

Your Quantum State is your mindset, dialed into a very high energy frequency. You are functioning at your best, you are in the flow, everything is easy. You live in a reality fueled by your vision and mission, where your high level of consciousness easily attracts the perfect people, events, and circumstances into your awareness to help you move along your path with ease and grace.

You realize that you create your reality from the inside out. What happens within you reflects in your outside world. It is your state of being that determines what you are able to manifest in your reality.

Words that express the essence of the Quantum State:
Oneness – Being – Presence – Vortex – Heart space – High frequency

Before you even start thinking about what you want, you need to have the right mindset to support any thoughts you send out to the universe. Your feeling state is the fuel that propels your thoughts. Without the high frequency energy, you won’t get the results you desire.

If you are not open to receive what you send out to the universe, you will subconsciously sabotage your progress because you will inhibit what you are able to sort for on your radar screen. When you don’t believe in yourself and have a low level vibration, the intensity of your transmission is not very strong.