Christiane Turner

Christiane Turner

Founder of Quantum NLP

Christiane is the perfect mentor for Visionaries, who think outside of the box, challenge the status quo, and want to make a big difference in the world.
You are either already living your vision and just need some extra resources or you are deeply motivated to find your mission because you know that you have a special purpose for being here. Either way, with Christiane’s guidance you will take quantum leaps on your journey.

Always exploring the next possible threshold of human consciousness, Christiane, being the typical German perfectionist, easily navigates the constantly shifting landscape of Training, Coaching and Consulting, moving between ancient wisdom and modern technology, basing her teachings on the models and skills of the many cultures she has encountered in her global traveling, as well as the basic principles of Quantum Physics and the newest scientific discoveries, related to consciousness.

Christiane has been perfecting her training and coaching skills for over two decades and is an international Quantum NLP Trainer, Coach and Consultant. Her books are available globally in bookstores and online stores. She is the founder of Quantum NLP LLC, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, which offers high integrity Quantum NLP based Training, Coaching, and Consulting.

She is a natural teacher – her dynamic combination of strength and gentleness helps her to lead clients and groups to break-through change. Christiane is a leader who highly values community building and has initiated and organized community projects, as for example the annual “New Consciousness EXPO” in Salt Lake City since 2005, and the “Law of Attraction Club”, which started in 2006.


Lynn Gordon

MS, EFL, E-RYT200/RYT500

Quantum NLP Training Director


My purpose, “my work” is to help people become both who they want AND who they are meant to be. I achieve this purpose guided by my many years of experience in a variety of settings - teaching, counseling, consulting and coaching.

While I hold counseling licenses in both Wyoming and Utah, my coaching role is separate.  It does, though, incorporate the same personal and professional ethics, belief in a person’s capabilities and skills to help individuals achieve their outcomes.

All of my “work´ is supported by the information and knowledge I’ve acquired over these years which reflect the various methodologies I’ve studied and the training opportunities I’ve attended.

Recently, I acquired additional endorsements in yoga, moving to an E-RYT200/RYT500 , and a certificate in Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) from the HERD Institute.

Adeptly, I utilize all this by bringing it to each session to aid my clients in making decisions, releasing old hurts, making deep and lasting changes, learning to like themselves and setting new courses in life.

One thing I’m very clear about is that a person is responsible for themselves, and Quantum NLP is one of the most effective ways to accomplish personal responsibility and accountability. Think now! What limits you? What stops you? Who do you want to be? Where do you want to go in life? Come! Join me and learn more about having That NOW! with Quantum NLP.

Julie Keen

Julie M. Keen
Quantum NLP Trainer
I-Health PsyChi Practitioner

Julie has been working passionately in the field of personal development for more than ten years. As a business owner and thriving entrepreneur, Julie brings a wealth of knowledge and application to corporate America through practical training, and commerce consciousness. She is the co-owner of A & E Generator, which she has been running since the passing of her father, George Bilanzich, in 1997.

Julie continuously refines an already dynamic skill set, and her specialty is locating and eliminating negative core beliefs. She has trained under international behavioral skills experts through Quantum NLP, NLP California, & The I-Health PsyChi System. She has hands-on experience in hypnosis, NLP one on one, and I-Health PsyChi Sessions.

As a personal coach, Julie introduces her clients to life-altering, radical shifts in decision making and abilities to move forward in what serves her clients best. Julie has a creative take on business, taking the approach that if there is a will there is a way.

Within this, she is a wife, mother of two, all living abundantly and comfortably in Ogden, Utah. Julie cultivates every relationship she enters with the foundations of clear communication and win-win outcomes. Julie inspires the success of others through electrifying seminars and face-to-face sessions.


Donna Wysinger
Quantum NLP Trainer

Donna Wysinger is an avid advocate for Quantum NLP and is widely recognized for her manifestation abilities and her talents in teaching and training others to ask for what they want AND to manifest with ease and joy. Donna has spent the last few years becoming certified as a Quantum NLP Trainer, and she uses her NLP skills within the organization and in all of her business pursuits.

Donna spent the first 16 years of her career writing curriculum and books, designing training materials, and instructing students and teachers for Challenger Schools, Inc. – an organization that runs preschools and private elementary schools throughout the western United States and is known worldwide for its premier education.

Since 2000, Donna has worked in the real estate field as a consultant for buyers and sellers, as an investor, and as a property manager. She has a degree in Interior Design with emphasis in construction, space planning, and adaptive reuse. She uses her education to assist real estate investors and she now works with real estate teams to improve their marketing and systems.

Donna currently leads training sessions for new agents and real estate professionals desiring improvement in marketing, sales, and lead generation. She incorporates Quantum NLP processes into her trainings and consultations and has found enormous success among her students, colleagues and peers when they utilize these skills.

Donna also writes books for children and weaves Quantum NLP processes through her stories. She believes that starting these processes at an early age is vital and that children can learn how to be successful when they are young and then carry these skills into adulthood.


Haylee Hunter
Quantum NLP Coach
Quantum NLP Apprentice

Meet Haylee Hunter.

Haylee believes the Universe fully supports each of us on our life journey, with the help of spirit guides and angels.

She has been blessed with the gift to connect and communicate with spirit, guides, and angels. She thoroughly enjoys having the opportunity to connect with your guides and angels to deliver their messages to you. 

Her focus is to bring awareness and healing with these messages and to teach others to embrace their divine energy.

As an NLP practitioner, she can also help you learn the skills to re-program destructive or unhealthy patterns and inspire lasting healing.


Helen Zhy
Marketing Specialist Environmental Studies
Quantum NLP Apprentice


Helen Zhy has been a student of Quantum NLP and the Law of Attraction for several years, and decided in 2018 to take her expertise to the next level by combining her knowledge in marketing and environmental studies with the principles and practical applications of the Quantum Universe. Based in Beijing, China, she already works with Quantum NLP as translator and on stage interpreter.