"I don’t know anyone who lives their life from possibility and embodies the principles of creation using the latest technologies of language, science, Quantum Physics, field theory, mythology, on and on, etc., more than Christiane. I am not exaggerating. She is an international trainer and is recognized as a true innovator and change agent."


Quantum NLP Trainer Certification

This program is for people who truly want to make a difference in the world and see great value in Quantum NLP in helping them to fulfill their vision and mission in this life.

This training will be offered again in 2024. Four students will be accepted. The Training is available as one-on-one training to professionals who want to enhance their presentation and group dynamics skills. The Certification is available to Quantum NLP Master Practitioners only.

“To be the kind of charismatic Quantum Presenter, people will remember for the rest of their lives.”

The benefits of attending the Quantum NLP Trainer Training

  • Learn how to create presentations that truly awaken and raise the consciousness of your audience.
  • Learn and use the secrets of classroom management and group dynamics that turn any challenging situation into a great learning experience for the whole group.
  • Learn how to think and act like an entrepreneur, business administrator and marketing specialist to get the word out about your gifts and talents.

What does it mean to be a Quantum NLP Trainer Affiliate?

By completing the Quantum NLP Trainer Training and the Mentoring Program you qualify for the Affiliate Status:

  • You have the right to advertise your services as certified Quantum NLP Trainer.
  • You have the right to run your own Quantum NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification Training.
  • You have the right to certify students as Quantum NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners under the guidelines of the Quantum NLP Affiliate program.

As a Quantum NLP Trainer Affiliate you also…

  • Become part of the new consciousness community.
  • Become part of the inner circle of the Quantum NLP community.
  • Receive a VIP Club invitation – see the amazing benefits underneath.

VIP Club information

  • By invitation only.
  • Membership status lasts as long as an active Affiliate status is maintained (more information in the Affiliate program information).

QNLP VIP Club members receive:

  • Free attendance of workshops sponsored by Quantum NLP USA.
  • Free attendance of PT and MT sponsored by Quantum NLP USA.
  • Coaching fee discount.
  • Tuition discount for other training and retreats sponsored by Quantum NLP USA.
  • Invitation to special social events sponsored by Quantum NLP USA.
  • Invitation to special international trips sponsored by Quantum NLP USA.

You can take this training to satisfy a diversity of outcomes. There are several ways to get involved in the Trainer Training. For those of you who just want to learn how to do presentations and how to manage a training room, you can sign up for part of the training.

For those of you who want to learn how to present Quantum NLP specific material, the whole training is perfect.

You do not have to do the mentoring phase at level 2 unless you want to certify students as QNLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners as an Affiliate of Quantum NLP.

For everybody who wants the whole training package with the Affiliate program, this is the investment opportunity of a lifetime to get involved in the Quantum NLP Certification Training right now, as this is a new product with guaranteed success already pre-programmed, as the Quantum NLP brand is rapidly expanding nationally and globally.

Here are the Details

LEVEL 1: Trainers Training

  • This allows you to use Quantum NLP models, principles and processes in your training.
  • Teaches you the structure of how to create and run your own training.
  • How to manage a group.
  • How to run and market your business.

At this level you do not have permission to certify students as Quantum NLP Practitioners or Master Practitioners.

LEVEL 2: Affiliate Program

  • Includes 10 hours of personal mentoring by a certified Quantum NLP Coach.
  • By completing the 10 mentoring hours you qualify for the Quantum NLP Trainer Affiliate program.
  • You can run and market your own Quantum NLP Certification Training. This allows you to certify students as Quantum NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners.
  • Electronic files of handouts will be provided by Quantum NLP
  • Graduation certificates will be provided by Quantum NLP and co-signed by Christiane Turner.
  • You have the right to use the Quantum NLP Affiliate Trainer logo for your marketing.
  • Your information, services, and bio will be put on the Quantum NLP website.
  • Affiliate program membership.
  • VIP Club membership.


You get 25 hours of specialized one-on-one training in an intimate setting plus 10 hours of private mentoring with world class presenter Christiane Turner.

LEVEL 1: Quantum NLP Trainer Training (without Affiliate Program)
$ 6250.00 total tuition for 25-hour personal training. (Call for payment plans.)

LEVEL 2: Quantum NLP Trainer Affiliate Program
$ 2000.00 tuition for affiliate mentoring program of 10 private sessions (necessary to get affiliate status) in addition to the Trainer Training tuition. Payment of mentoring sessions as they occur.

To follow up with you about your questions…

We know, this is a lot of information we are giving to you in this write-up. Give us a call or send us an e-mail to chat about the many options open to you in regards to the training. The cost of the program is a tiny fraction of the benefits you will gain by getting involved.

The Quantum NLP Affiliates of today are the Quantum NLP Stars of tomorrow.