by Christiane Turner

The Law of Attraction Formula

You are either already living your vision and just need some extra resources or you are deeply motivated to find your mission because you know that you have a special purpose for being here. Either way, with Christiane's guidance you will take quantum leaps on your journey by learning the five principles of the Law of Attraction and how to apply them in your everyday life.

by Christiane Turner

From Personal to Global Transformation

The wait is over. Humanity is going through a major learning curve on its path to maturity and we are already fully immersed in the adventure. Ideas that seemed impossible just five or 10 years ago, are today becoming a part of the mass consciousness. Every person on Earth is playing a vital role in that global transformation of consciousness that we are presently experiencing, and every person's personal thoughts and actions are intricately intertwined with the greater journey we are all on together.

Christiane Turner, Quantum NLP trainer and author, invites you to the magical place of self-discovery and transformation that will lead to enhancing your own life and the contribution you are able to make to the larger systems you are a part of... your family, your community, your country and ultimately the whole planet. Let her gently guide you to new possibilities as she teaches you:

  • Awareness - The first step towards transformation
  • Acknowledgment - Being with what is
  • Acceptance - Gratitude for the learning
  • Appreciation - Being present in the moment
  • Accountability - Being responsible
  • Awakening - Raising Consciousness.

by Christiane Turner

Attract What You Want in Life! How to Use the Law of Attraction Effectively

Go beyond the typical hit and miss results of using the Law of Attraction as you know it. Learn practical processes that will help you to become more consistent in your application of the Law of Attraction in this in-depth online video course.

by Christiane Turner

Quantum NLP - Thought into Manifestation

Quantum NLP is the art and science of human excellence. New scientific discoveries show us clearly that we are creating our reality through the use of our language. By teaching ourselves more effective language patterns, our brain automatically forms new neurological pathways that naturally lead to new behaviors and habits.

Christiane Turner, who has been perfecting her skills for two decades, is quickly becoming a worldwide thought leader in the cutting-edge field of Quantum Neuro Linguistic Programming (QNLP) and has taken it to the next level. With her beautiful voice and European accent, she invites you to join her on a magical journey into the realm of possibility and change as she teaches you to:

  • Manifest your dreams through effective goal setting
  • Create internal alignment and congruence
  • Deal with your fears
  • Heal your past
  • Create your own success story
  • Support your goals through behavioral skill building
  • Embark on your own visionary journey
  • Become a "Master of Manifestation"

by Jan Magner and Christiane Turner

Treasure Mapping with Feng Shui and NLP

Jan Magner and Christiane Turner have successfully combined the ancient art of Feng Shui, Treasure Mapping, and the modern study of achievement known as Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP). Let them be your Guides on an adventure to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Explore your life by learning how to make a Feng Shui Treasure Map!
Learn how to COMPLETELY transform limiting beliefs that stop you from reaching your goals, through quick and easy NLP processes and visualizations!
Navigate through the symbols, elements and I Ching of Feng Shui to learn how your house can become a 3-D Treasure Map!

by Eric Tolman and Christiane Turner

"Playing GAMES with Purpose":
The Playbook For Winning At Life

FULFILL YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE "Playing GAMES with Purpose" was written to assist you in finding your Purpose here on this planet. Each chapter contains exercises and processes to evoke thought and action. Moving from desire to fulfillment and from motivation to inspiration to achieve your life's Purpose. Let the GAMES begin!