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1. Everything in the universe is one.
2. Everything is made of energy.
3. We create reality from the inside out.
4. Our energy frequency determines the reality we create.
5. We create our reality with our thoughts and feelings.

1. Everything in the Universe is one

One of the most fascinating concepts which is becoming mass consciousness is “Entanglement.” This is the characteristic trait of quantum physics, which causes its departure from classical physics.

Instead of objects flying around in a three dimensional empty space as taught under Newtonian laws, entanglement refers to the relationship between particles, that are connected and influence each other, even when separated.

When we manipulate one particle in a specific way it will instantaneously influence and change its partner particle accordingly, even over great distances. Everything in the universe is connected and intertwined, and therefore gives us access to all the resources contained within that system.

2. Everything in the Universe Is Made of Energy

Everything is energy, which moves, is in motion, and vibrates. The difference between unique manifestations of matter (like a tree, an apple, an ant, or a rock) are the varying rates of vibration, the frequency at which the energy vibrates.

Nothing is at rest, which each new scientific discovery tends to verify. From pure spirit, down to the densest forms of matter, all is in motion. The higher the vibration, the higher the position on the scale.

Everything you see around you is vibrating at one frequency or another and so are you. Because your frequency is different from other people and things in the universe, it seems like you are separate from what you see around you in your environment. But we are not separate as we are all connected through the unified field.

On the one side of the scale the vibration of pure energy is at an infinite rate of intensity, and on the other side there are forms of matter whose frequency of vibration are so low, that they seem at rest. In between those two poles there are millions of varying degrees of vibration. From particles, atoms, and molecules, to worlds and universes, everything is in motion.

The master knows how to be in charge of their thoughts and emotions, and therefore is in charge of their vibration, which can even be used to affect illness. Once you are aware of this principle and always think in terms of vibration, you can understand practically everything that happens in the physical world.


"I have known Christiane ever since she was a teenager as we both went to the same school in Germany. Her dedication to helping people, finding, and focusing on the right track, has been always her pure intention of making this world and the mankind living on this planet a better place. I sincerely feel, that Christiane with such potential, abilities and skills must be given recognition as her contribution is outstanding and of very high caliber. I have been greatly impressed with her commitment in the way she has been projecting her knowledge, which really makes anyone rethink and find new ways to live life!"

3. We Create Reality from the Inside Out

The technological development of the last hundred years is clearly proving that there is a direct correlation between your internal world of thoughts and feelings and the circumstances that reflect in your reality.

As you begin to understand how to be more deliberate with your thoughts and feelings, you start to gather more evidence that there is a direct link between your internal energy vibration and what you attract to you in your environment.

It’s a radical change in perception. Instead of things happening out there and all we get to do is to react to those things, we are now exploring the idea that we actually influence our external circumstances from the inside out.

A master is someone who possesses the inner knowledge as well as the outer knowledge. They understand that all outward manifestations happen according to some underlying power, a substantial reality, coming from within them.

4. Our Energy Frequency Determines the Reality We Create

Everything in the universe is made of energy and vibrates. We have the ability to change the vibration within ourselves and others through our intent.

It is possible to change the vibration of hate to the vibration of love, as they are just a different frequency of the same basic emotion. The Master consciously chooses at which point in the emotional scale they want to rest.

They are aware of their inner thoughts and feelings, and understand that they can influence the energy frequency they send out into the universe. Everything, including our emotions, is made of energy and emits different frequencies, which are measurable. Our brain is a powerful receiver and transmitter of energy through our thoughts and feelings.

Your frequency has the unique ability to be instantaneously picked up across the planet with the same amount of energy and intensity that you used when you send out your message. You have the most powerful transmitter on the planet right here in your brain.

Whatever frequency you emit, that exact same frequency is drawn to you through a powerful magnetic pull.

5. We Create Our reality With Our Thoughts and Feelings

In mental transformation we change certain mental states and conditions into others. We realize that we are in the middle of the change process. We are the catalyst and the translator between the non-physical and the physical.

When you pay attention to your manifestations in your finances, health, career, relationships, events and circumstances, you become aware of your internal thought patterns as well as the things you say out loud.

Everything you have in your life right now is the direct result of the vibration you sent out to the universe in the past in the form of feelings and thoughts. And your future will be the direct result of the thoughts and feelings you send out to the universe right now.

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